My Story

Hello, My name is Bryant Almany and I am the design artist at AlmanyDesigns. When I was in high school, I began to work with a program called Photoshop and loved having the freedom to create whatever I wanted. I began creating designs and art for my friends and family and it quickly escalated. Fast forward to today, I have several clients from across the country that put their faith and hard worked money into my designs and what I offer. I offer a variety of services and designs that may be purchased for personal or commercial use. You may also contact me directly to inquire on custom commercial brandings/designs! I am always willing to learn and discover different techniques used by professionals from all over the world.

My design career quickly followed my passion for meteorology. Most of my projects and services I provide are of those in the field of meteorology. The atmospheric science field has been a devotion of mine since a middle school science project. I’ve been a weather enthusiast from there on. I’ve worked with a number of forecasting companies, became a certified FEMA emergency manager, and have traveled to several NOAA/NWS offices across the Carolinas. Meteorology has always been and always will be my passion.

My Skills

Logo Design & Branding


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